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Kendra Lara actually lives in her own district and so can keep running for re-election, board concludes

NBC Boston reports Boston election commissioners today rejected demands from Kendra Lara haters that it bump her off the fall ballot in District 6 (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill), concluding they'd failed to provide enough proof that she doesn't live in the district.

Lara said she was in a midst of a divorce when she ran for office and decided she’d rather use her maiden name than her married name – and got approval from the election office to do so.



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It wouldn't be that hard to follow her around discreetly to see where she ends up after her days in City Hall, especially now that she's not driving (one hopes!).

It's not like the City didn't do that in the past with its own employees with respect to the residency ordinance.

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does she still live in government assisted housing? does she make 103k per year? do a lot of people living in low income developments make this much money? aren’t these homes for people who make less?

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For something, maybe.

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Any two minutes of research will tell you she doesn't, give it up.

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Is their evidence that she lives in subsidized housing?

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He’s “just asking questions.”™️

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i use a site called FastBackgroundCheck

it has a Kendra Lara age 33 living at an address in Hyde Park

it has a Kendra Hicks age 33 aka Kendra Lara living at an address in Jamaica Plain

one of these is for people with lower incomes (the Jamaica Plain address). it’s kind of hard to tell which place she actually lives. odd.

if she had a license it would list her current address but, well you know.



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All of these sites that claim to have information about addresses, phone numbers, etc are as accurate as all the crap databases they feed on. And the incorrect garbage just feeds on itself as it is perpetuated by site after site.

Wrong names, wrong spellings, wrong phone numbers, wrong "aliases", wrong addresses, listing dead people as alive, are all common features.

Some of my relatives are listed as residents of my house. None of them ever lived in my house. My own name is listed backwards, i.e. Smith John instead of John Smith. I have seen 3 incorrect spellings of my first name. A relative that died 18 years ago is listed as living at my address, which he never lived at in the first place.

Yes, there is some correct information too, but so called "online research" is often pure garbage.

I have no idea where Lara lives. But I do know that searching the internet is going to produce lots of garbage.

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and it thinks I live in a place I haven't lived in for 3 years, so I'm not inclined to put any faith in it. Heck, even in your own example, it's giving two addresses as the current address so why should we assume that either one is valid?

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Emphasis on the past tense. In theory, it's where she was living when she ran in 2021.

She was probably also making considerably less than $103k at the time, hence her reticence at wanting to leave this job.

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I have a pretty decent grasp of the local political climate and have followed all the recent issues here.
That being said, is it too naive to ask: Does wanting someone to play by the rules automatically imply hatred of that person?

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Does wanting someone to play by the rules automatically imply hatred of that person?

It does when there is no evidence that the person in question isn't playing by the rules. This is just straight up harassment by reactionary shitheads.

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In today’s day and age. Racist was even thrown around because people were upset she broke 7+ laws in one fell swoop too

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Reports of Centre St. flooding due to the tears of the “West Roxbury Safety Association” members. LOL.

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But please don't drive to office anymore.

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Her address isn't the problem, it's her incredibly poor judgement and dangerous behavior. How has she not resigned.

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Trump and Biden are tied according to current polling, while Trump is under investigation. Americans can't get beyond name recognition , which is getting us into all sorts of trouble as a society!

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can we stop invoking Trump in this Lara situation?

i get it, both of them broke laws while holding public office and neither seems to want to bow out of the spotlight. my point is that the similarities end right there.

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I understand they are different but you must admit the voting public typically votes for the name they recognize since they don't follow the issues. Thanks to Adam for covering this.

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Is there any evidence to suggest that Lara is still likely to win despite these scandals?

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