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At least in Boston, Twitter working to settle outstanding bills by creditors; one drops lawsuit, two others say possible settlements in the works

A Back Bay consulting company that had sued Twitter for not paying a bill for services rendered last week dismissed the suit after previously telling the judge it and Twitter were working to resolve the case.

Charles River Associates had sued Twitter, now officially known as X Corp., in January in Suffolk Superior Court for the $2.2 million - plus treble damages -it claimed it was owed for helping Twitter's previous management in its suit against Elon Musk for trying to back out of his agreement to pay $44 billion for the social-media platform.

On March 30, though, Charles River Associates filed to withdraw its case, with prejudice, following negotiations with Twitter. As is usual in such cases, the company did not disclose the terms of the settlement.

Two other local companies that also sued Twitter - Twitter's Center Plaza landlord and another consulting firm, Analysis Group - have also asked judges to hold any action in their cases because they are now negotiating possible settlements with Twitter as well.

Landlord Synergy sued Twitter in Suffolk Superior Court in February over the $632,000 or so in back rent it said Twitter owed for its 44,000 square feet of space. Like Charles River Associates, Analysis Group sued - in federal court in Boston - over the roughly $2 million it says Twitter owed for consulting work during the Musk back-out case.

In a request for a halt to any court action, Analysis Group's lawyers yesterday told a federal judge:

Good cause exists for the brief additional extension of time, as the Parties have agreed to resolve this matter, subject to the Parties’ agreement being reduced to a signed writing. The Parties believe they can finalize that written agreement by April 21, 2023.



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Smash everything like a spoiled child and never pay your bills.

Scream and yell and just pay off accusers with money and ponies

They both mock the weak, disabled, and the poor. Both eagerly fostering and encouraging a pre-adolescent's idea of what being "a man" really is. They're both immature babies who hit the genetic lottery.

All the way down to Trump and Musk both even have very odd relationships with their daughter and mother respectively.

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Charles River Associates decision may have been premature. Elon Musk is known to change his mind in a heartbeat. I feel sorry for all those Twitter employees he fired.

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