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Lego art: Not just another brick in the wall

Liz Gotthelf came down from Maine to take in Nathan Sawaya's the Art of the Brick exhibit on Newbury Street - 70 sculptures made from Legos - which she writes was l worth the two-hour ride (on the Downeaster from Maine) and $28 admission

Lego bricks and mortar: Company to move US headquarters to Boston.

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We don't need no education!

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There are vastly better uses of Lego for art then this guy's stuff. Everything is a 3d render done in the most basic bricks or pixelated replacement of an image using the sides of bricks...just really basic stuff.

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That this is just Minecraft in big form.

(I haven't seen it tho, just a few pics!)

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I haven't seen the actual show yet but I disagree on how basic this stuff really is. It seems pretty straight forward I guess but so does drawing or painting until you go to do it.

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So basic you can use a computer to plan it out for you.

This program ( https://niemansculpt.redwoodlug.org/ ) even uses more SNOT (studs not on top) technique than he does.

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$28? I'll let you view all 32 Lego Superhero Sets my son has completed and strewn about the house for a flat 10 bucks! I can save you drive and stream it to you for 5.

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But do we get to see bonus clips of you hopping around on one foot in pain after stepping barefoot on the pieces that were accidentally left out of the build and strewn around the floor?

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