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Life sciences, residential and credit union complex proposed for West 4th Street in South Boston

A Texas developer says it's working on a proposal to replace the current home of the Mass Bay Credit Union at 147 West 4th St. in South Boston with an 8-story life-sciences building, a 13-story residential building and a new 2-story home for the credit union.

The three buildings would share 112 parking spaces on a 1.2-acre parcel assembled out of several existing lots from West 4th Street to West 5th Street between A Street and the haul road, according to Lincoln Property Co.'s "letter of intent" filed today with the BPDA.

A building that now houses the A Street Scrap Metals Corp. would be razed - as would the current bank building, with a replacement to be built at A and West 5th streets.

In the letter, Lincoln, which says it will share ownership of the parcel with the credit union and 29 A Street Realty Trust, says it will file detailed plans for the project within three months.

147 West 4th St. filings and meeting schedule.

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I do believe when you live here for so long, especially since formative years, loud music, traffic, airplanes, helicopters, screaming regulars, trains, car alarms, etc are so normal that our natural adaptation traits eventually make us unphased. But heavy drilling and sawing at sun break outside my bedroom window makes me lose my filter. Can they not start the heavy construction at dawn on Saturdays and Sundays?

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We do get accustomed to background city noise. But when it comes to contractors, etc. starting work in the mornings, it can be a bit much.
In the past, I've had problems with this. One that I remember was a contractor starting up a generator at 5:45am (most permits allow a 7am start). I was up anyway, but that's wrong. I went out and approached him and asked him to shut it off. He acted as though he didn't understand what I was saying. I called 911. Before anyone says that the police shouldn't be answering these calls, I've attended community meetings where we were urged by representatives of the Boston Police to call in cases such as this. Granted if the police are busy, it might be a while before they answer.
Work on weekends require a permit allowing work on those two days. In emergency situations, (e.g., power outages, burst water mains, etc.) there would be exceptions.
Just keep this in mind. Some contractors will try and skirt the permits by working before or after permitted hours, the same with what days they're allowed. Don't argue with the, just call the police. They will shut them down.
Get out and enjoy the day.

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Contractors here will start at like 645a or even 630a. Its like no. Not until 7. And I even think that is a little early for the weekends. (weekdays, ok) And my local PD says to call too, so definately call if people start before the legal time.

And yeah you do get acustom to the city noises (although I'll never get accustom to thumping stereos, its just unnessary). I live in a flight path for logan so planes taking off and landing are a noise I just ignore most of the time. Visitors are like "how do you deal". You get used to it.

Although I find it hard to sleep now out in the sticks of NH at my dads... where the only thing you hear is the clock on the wall and the occasional car every hour or so a couple of streets away on the state highway. Its TOO quiet.

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....when my parents moved to a sleepy farm town south of the City; I struggled sleeping there. No street lights when I was used to having one shine into my living room and bedroom. But the clocks drove me crazy. They didn't tic in synchrony. I started sleeping with the TV on while there.

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"He was so used to the sounds of planes flying low overhead that he woke with a start each time he didn't hear one."

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Why would you build a story building in the middle of the city?

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