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Long closed Curley center in South Boston will slowly begin to re-open next week

The Dorchester Reporter reports the Curley Community Center is scheduled to re-open for self-workouts next week, with some classes and other programming to start June 20. A major overhaul of the center, also known as the L Street Bathhouse, was delayed by pandemic-caused supply-chain problems and disputes between City Hall and contractors.



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Covid anymore. PFD and Wu screwed this up big time.

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In May 2022, the Milton-based company Boston Building & Bridge Co. (BBB) that won a competitive bid to gut and rebuild the Curley Center filed a lawsuit against the city of Boston, alleging that the city was liable for a “breach of contract.” At the heart of the suit are claims that the city failed to identify and account for hazardous materials— including asbestos— that BBB says it discovered after the project began. After BBB alerted city officials to the problem, the company alleges that the city waited a year to “evaluate BBB’s claim and ultimately issue its denial” to add more time and money to deal with the problems.

At that point Michelle Wu had been mayor for all of 6-7 months. But do go on.

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To keep the men's and women's section separate? Will the men be able to stroll around naked on their side?

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Per what is circulating, a similar issue befell the building in Roslindale.

Flooded and closed with a promise of a few months downtime. Then the pandemic hit and all bidding processes fell by the wayside.

Then after contracting someone, the builder found more issues that had to be addressed forcing additional delays while contract changes were negotiated.

Of course that was then followed by supply chain problems.

The place was closed just short of 3 years and seems to still be in recovery mode with some things not operational yet. They also seem to be short staffed still as well which shouts out loud as to the problems the city is having these days to fill open positions.

So kudos that they finally are getting Curley up and running.

Some "community center" spaces in school buildings are closed this summer while those schools get some repairs and upgrades, so Curley will be needed for some of the displaced programs.

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