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Longtime WBZ reporter Bill Shields dies, 70

Legendary WBZ-TV reporter Bill Shields has died

WBZ reports Shields, who began at WBZ in 1980, died from lung cancer.

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Very sad to hear. He brought a story to life. And he allowed himself to be the punchline on occasion too - favorite recent memory was him interviewing the turkeys with a microphone on a long pole.

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We shared a dry cleaner. Friendly as hell. You knew it was him around town because he had a "TexEx" Longhorns sticker on his car window.

We had a good laugh when gas prices spiked in 2008 and he just finished interviewing a guy at a gas station who said "Times Are Tough - It Just Cost Me $300 To Fill Up My Boat". This was a guy who used his boat to tie up off a low tide access only beach in Scituate. Yup, times were tough because he couldn't fill up his boat for cheap money.

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