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MacGregor wins in 10th Suffolk

Lisa Kashinsky reports that William MacGregor has won the special Democratic primary in the 10th Suffolk District (West Roxbury, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain and South Brookline) over Robert Orthman and Celia Segel, which means he will likely succeed former state Rep. Ed Coppinger since there are no Republican or other candidates for the final later this month.



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Pretty clear Segel cost Orthman the seat. His second place votes plus her third place votes easily surpass MacGregor. MacGregor had the entire West Roxbury conservative establishment behind him but probably would have lost one on one. Progressives never learn.

Voting closed 59

Of course turnout would be low for a one-office election, but I was surprised that I saw no “get out the vote” campaign on Election Day. I got mountains of postcards before the election, and there were an impressive number of lawn signs. I even had a couple of front door visits. You’d think with all that effort I might have seen one message on Election Day reminding me to vote, but no. If I hadn’t put it on my calendar, I would have forgotten about it.

Voting closed 10

Rank choice voting eliminates that problem for the most part. Assuming that Segel and Orthman both drew from the same pool of voters, then her voters would have gone to him in the second count. Alaska and Maine have the right idea.

Voting closed 24