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Man charged, again, as East Boston key monster who likes to walk around East Boston keying cars

Boston Police report Santos Moscoso, 47, of East Boston, was arrested at 74 Sumner St. on Thursday on 38 counts of willful and malicious destruction of property over $1,200.

WBZ reports he was specifically accused of walking up and down Bremen Street, keying more than three dozen cars.

Police are not unfamilar with Moscoso's alleged ouevre. In August, 2020, officers arrested Moscoso after several Paris Street residents reported him vandalizing their cars; police said he was also likely responsible for at least 30 similar incidents across East Boston that year.

Innocent, etc.



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This would have been a case for the Massachusetts State Hospital. This persons pathological behavior is a menace to himself and his neighbors.

How is this person a menace to himself you may ask? The answer is that one day the owner of one of these vehicles is going to catch him in the act and give him a massive beatdown.

Where are people with mental disorders such as this treated nowadays?

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Without a garage. I’d actually never live anywhere without a garage spot(s).

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