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Man charged with Newton triple murder

Press Conference at Newton Police Department - Man Charged in Connection with Triple Homicide

A Newton man was arrested today on charges of murder and assault and battery for the deaths of Gilda D’Amore, 73, her husband Bruno D’Amore, 74 and Mrs. D’Amore’s mother, Lucia Arpino, 97, in their home on Broadway.

Christopher Ferguson, 41, has so far only been charged with Gilda D'Amore's murder, but Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said that is because only her autopsy has been completed. She said she expects Ferguson to be charged with her husband's and mother's murders once their autopsies are completed.

Ryan said all three were found stabbed and beaten after police arrived at their home shortly after 10 a.m. on Sunday. Gilda D'Amore had multiple stab wounds and evidence of being beaten, she said. Investigators have not disclosed a possible motive, but said the attack appears to have been "random."

Police went to the home after somebody went to their home to check on their well being after they failed to appear at their church for a celebration of the couple's 50th wedding anniversary.

The DA's office adds:

The preliminary investigation indicated some signs of forced entry including broken glass and missing screens at the basement windows. Forensic specialists from the Massachusetts Crime Scene Section were were able to collect a variety of forensic evidence.

As part of the investigation which began yesterday and continued today, investigators canvassed the neighborhood and were able to locate a video from Albemarle Road that depicted a male walking in that area, which is four-tenths of a mile from the victim’s home, at 5:20 a.m. on June 25.

Late this afternoon the lab was able to positively match a footprint left in the home to Mr. Ferguson. Footprints, like fingerprints, are unique.

Ferguson is expected to be arraigned in Newton District Court on Tuesday, the DA's office says.

His arraignment is expected to be scheduled for tomorrow at Newton District Court.

Innocent, etc.



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"Late this afternoon the lab was able to positively match a footprint left in the home to Mr. Ferguson. Footprints, like fingerprints, are unique."

Yeaaaaaah, fingerprints aren't unique and the matching techniques are sloppy and unreliable.


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Well, I am glad they found a suspect. 50% change he walked past my house in one direction ...

Editorial Nit Missing a 0 (50 Years of Marriage)

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This person reached out for help, and was failed. The results are devastating.


Chris states: "I spend a lot of time recalling and making sense of past traumas, and though I’m not one to live in the glory days of yesteryear, here, I’m not reminiscing to reminisce. I bring up my pre-diagnosis dispositions in hopes that these figurative files are still retrievable, in some functional capacity, on my brain’s C: Drive."

Male survivors of childhood trauma are often overlooked, ignored, put aside by society, until they are involved in something catastrophic.

Dr. Deb Warner has explored the issue of male childhood trauma and presents her work in short video, for those with a short attention span: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3SyzQJJhvA

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as a sorcerer's apprentice.

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According to this story in the Globe, his family had been trying to get him help. He'd been hospitalized but discharged before his family thought he should be (no info on whether he felt it was too soon or not). We need more mental health services - psychiatry and related services are underfunded with long waiting lists and a shortage of beds.

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Reminds me of the guy in Taunton a few years ago who killed a woman at her home and a man at Bertucci's. Family tried to get him help too.

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