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Man gets 19-20 for killing man during drug buy in Dorchester apartment in 2017

A former Braintree man who has been locked up since 2017 on charges he killed a Bowdoin Street man with a knife, an electric guitar and his fists and feet was sentenced to 19-20 years in state prison after pleading guilty today to manslaughter and armed robbery for the man's death, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Mary Ames sentenced Thomas Isaac, 26, to time served on the armed-robbery charge, which means he will not get any credit for time he has already served towards the length of his sentence.

According to the DA's office:

Assistant District Attorney Julie Higgins said that Isaac and his girlfriend entered the Bowdoin Street apartment building of Nelson Torres-Santa, 55, on November 5, 2017. Isaac’s girlfriend entered the apartment to by drugs from Torres-Santa. Isaac then forced his way into the apartment. He stabbed Torres-Santa in the eye, beat him with his fists and with an electric guitar, then, when Torres-Santa fell, stomped on his head and upper body. Isaac stole various electronic equipment from the apartment. Torres-Santa’s body was discovered on November 13 following a request for a wellness check.

At today’s plea hearing Torres-Santa’s brother expressed gratitude to prosecutors and investigators and stated he holds no grudge against Isaac and that Isaac will have a chance to "do things right."

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Seriously, manslaughter? How is this not premeditated murder?

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That is why.

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I reread the post tonight and finally noticed he pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Thanks Pete Nice.

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