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Man kicked out of Dorchester lodge after argument stayed outside and fatally stabbed the other man in the neck when he left, DA says

A man known as "Dog Bite" was ordered held without bail at his arraignment in Dorchester court today on charges that he stabbed Urvin Gerald to death outside the Mount Horeb Lodge at Harvard and Norwell streets in Dorchester last July, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office, Gerald and Dwight Watson, 55, got into an "altercation" inside the lodge, where Watson was a regular, known as "Dog Bite."

Lodge security separated Watson and Gerald after the altercation and Watson was escorted out of the facility. About 30 minutes later, Gerald exited the rear of the lodge. In the parking area, Watson suddenly appeared and stabbed Gerald in the neck, and then fled. The stabbing was caught on surveillance video.

Watson fled the city, but Boston Police tracked him to Youngstown, OH, where US Marshals and local police arrested him earlier this month, the DA's office says. He was extradited to Boston over the weekend.

Innocent, etc.



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