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Mass resignations from BPS English Learners Task Force over new policy on students whose native language isn't English

MALatinoNews.com reports on the resignations by members upset over a new BPS policy that will put ESL students in English-language classes right away, with English help as needed, rather than teaching them courses in their native languages.

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The latest research shows that to keep ESL professionals employment up, one needs to keep students from learning E as long as possible.


ESL teacher here. There aren't many of us, so if you're suggesting we're a drain on your tax dollars, we're not.

This decision is in direct contradiction with hard academic research on the subject, and in direct contradiction with my own classroom research. It's asinine and will likely violate what little legal guidance there is on servicing English learners. A real boneheaded move considering BPS was already sued by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE over their servicing of English learners in the past, and their current servicing of English learners already being under the microscope.


the commenter you’re responding to isn’t actually making any substantive point.


,,,how this entity (rather like a hostile but inept chatbot) gets so many "thumbs ups" on so many of his posts?

how this entity (rather like a hostile but inept chatbot) gets so many "thumbs ups" on so many of his posts?

Sockpuppets and immigrant-hating swamp yankees.

Sad and glib interpretation. Hilarious however.

What are your credentials, bot?


it shouldn't be too much trouble for you to provide us a citation or two on it.


It’s interesting that the longer GBH article wasn’t linked here, since unlike the site above, it gives the BPS’ reasoning for the policy change.

… like the fact that 90% of ELL students are currently failing the MCAS year after year and maintaining that status quo is simply not a tenable option.

The MALatinoNews.com article also omits the fact that students will still have access to support services and instruction in their own languages.


I’m not crazy about the choice of link above. First off, the malatinonews.com web site is filled with lots of trackers - not unusual unfortunately, but the third-party ones being used are both really intrusive and poorly designed, so they really slow down the speed at which the site serves pages. Bleah.

I was also disappointed that the article is just an abbreviated version of the original story on the WGBH site and only gives the actual reporter’s byline as a later addendum at the bottom.

It looks like you’re trying to support other smaller news orgs, and I appreciate that, but theres no added value for us readers by getting directed there instead of to the original story.


It's called equity, students whose native language isn't English are entitled to the same shitty education as students whose native language is English, courtesy of BPS.


I went to the Green new Deal workshop last week. BPS is currently working with a consultant to evaluate every school to determine if they can renovate or add onto them to match a model school design. And this is good intentioned but will take 10 years since they aren't considering costs of renovation in the equation and don't have a committment for how to fund this 2 billion effort and aren't involving school teachers and principles in the planning process ( maybe to make it easier to close some schools).

Sadly for BPS students the teachers are great from my kids experience but due to large staff turnover and a bad culture in the BPS central administration most policies they enact aren't focused on learning and serving students!