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Masshole parks in bus stop, bus pulls up ahead to let off passenger in wheelchair, Masshole can't wait, drives over wheelchair ramp, police say

Silver Line bus with ramp driver just drove over

Photo of bent ramp by TPD.

Transit Police report no injuries yesterday when a bus driver extended his bus's wheelchair ramp to let a passenger off at Tufts Medical Center yesterday and an impatient SUV driver who had been parked at the bus stop couldn't wait and drove over it just as the passenger was about to get off.

Police say the bus driver was forced to pull ahead of the SUV and then stop in the main travel lane of Washington Street around noon because of the SUV, parked at the stop. Police are now looking for the driver, who will face a variety of charges if found.



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Sometimes I really fucking hate people.

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"I love mankind - it's _people_ I can't stand".

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In my little fantasy world, buses would be equipped with a dedicated front camera where at the push of a button by the bus driver, the camera captures a 20 second footage of every parking violation (double parking, parking on bus/bike lane, bust stop etc). The captured footage gets reviewed by enforcement people and the bus driver gets a 10% cut of every $100 ticket issued. This would help address 3 issues at once: jerk parking, bus driver shortage and provide abundant funding for transit improvement.

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but as long as it's a fantasy world, can't they be equipped with heat-seeking missiles?

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Drivers like this would be stripped of their license and prohibited from registering a car ever again.

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This is the practice in San Francisco and has been for several years and recent legislation has expanded it statewide in California. Closer to home, New York has implemented its own program, and there's been a push in the last several legislative sessions in Massachusetts to do the same here. After seriously injuring both knees several years ago I relied on crutches for almost six months, and could only use MBTA buses to get around (it's really hard to impossible to get in and out of and sit in even the most handicap equipped Uber or taxi while both legs are bound in Bledsoe braces), and in order for me to board the buses, the buses needed full curb access to kneel. I had no qualms about shouting at people who blocked bus stops, telling them to move, and still do sometimes, but I also fantasized a lot about putting a spike on the bottom of a crutch, later a cane, to burst their tires, if only that wouldn't compound the problem (but seriously: I'm not keen on damaging personal property, even for someone's boorish behavior).

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I didn't even think that these things existed as they seem a bit complicated to implement in practice, thanks for doing the research! I skimmed the text of the MA bill. It looks good at first but then I came across this line "SECTION 3. (a) The maximum fine imposed under this chapter for a camera enforceable violation shall be $25 per violation. "

The articles about the SF and NY programs show that fines are between $50 and $280. A $25 fine doesn't sound like it would come near covering the cost of implementation, hardware, training, maintenance, challenges etc. The MA program will operate at a big loss and it's hardly a deterrent for most people.

There is this prevailing stupid idea in MA that no matter how dangerous a driver, what's most important is not to hurt their wallet or their feelings. I plan on reading that bill more thoroughly over the weekend and (politely) ask the petitioners reps what's up with that. If anything noteworthy comes out of it, I will report it here.

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We should absolutely be passing this bill, though with two changes: one, like dvg wrote, the fine should be much higher than $25, and two, it's a bit unclear to me if the ticketing would also apply to bus stops, and not just bus lanes. This is an important difference. There are many bus stops - particularly those outside convenience stores and high-volume takeout spots - in which people park without impunity (typically leaving their flashers on as if that makes it ok). It also reflects a self-entitlement that the safety and convenience of bus passengers is less important than their own. Like Neal said, I've seen numerous older folks, people pushing strollers, etc. having to struggle on and off the bus because some dingbat left their car in the bus stop.

The bus lane cameras in New York work: Less than 20 percent of drivers who are issued a bus lane violation go on to commit another.. I think there are also studies showing that lanes with camera enforcement have higher bus speeds than those without. The other thing that NYC announced was a dedicated tow fleet for patrolling bus lanes, complete with a DeBlasio press conference at a tow lot. The T could put a couple of tow trucks on the streets (or even contract it out) and it would pay for itself.

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you fantasize of more of a surveillance state where the handicapped still have to take public transit and deal with jerk drivers?

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Why shouldn't the handicapped take public transit? How else are they going to get around without driving?

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This is one of the most lugubrious places to wait for a bus. Smokers galore. Uber drivers and shuttle van drivers blocking the bus stop. Disabled people forced to step off the curb and into the street, if they are even able. An arrivals sign showing advertisements 75% of the time instead of arrivals when all you want to know is how much longer will you have to suffer before you can escape.

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So I'm sure the subway sleuths will be able to apprehend this Bozo.

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and then there are just plain ASSHOLES.
As a Mass driver, I wear the name Masshole like a badge of honor.
We do things like illegal u-eys, take a left turn from the right lane, etc.
But what this guy did is just wrong.

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...if you're not allowed to drive it over anything you want?

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with all _those_ stickers on the rear. You know which ones :-(

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