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Masshole smashes bus window after bus driver honks at him for blocking access to South Boston bus stop, police say

Smashed bus window

Photo of smashed bus window via Transit Police.

Transit Police report that when a T bus driver tried to pull into a bus stop at Broadway station around 11 a.m. yesterday, the driver couldn't, because somebody had parked his car there.

The driver beeped and the 40-year-old guy sitting inside the car got out, walked up to the driver's window and punched it, causing it to crack, police say. He will be summonsed to court on a charge of malicious destruction of property. Police did not say whether he needed any medical attention for his hand.

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"They did not say whether he needed any medical attention for his hand."
He needs medical attention for his head.


A bus driver is a public servant whose troubles are all behind them. They are spit on, beaten up, threatened with weapons and their buses vandalized, these could be the reasons the T is having trouble recruiting new drivers.


And that's on top of having to drive a 40-foot bus in Boston traffic.


a T bus driver tried to pull into a bus stop

I mean, really; when has this ever happened?


It's been a very long time. Lately, between the uber/doordash/grubhub drivers and the construction, the buses couldn't pull into the stop if they wanted.

While this particular Masshole is certainly a sociopath, I wonder what would happen if there was actually regular and consistent enforcement of the parking regulations of bus stops.


If losing his license for a few months would get the message through his entitled head.

Just call it a form of detox.


He probably won’t lose his license because of our disgusting car culture that stupidly coddles criminal drivers like him. So he’ll still be operating a 5,000 pound deadly weapon.


He wasn't in the car when he broke the bus window

But he was in the car when he parked it in a bus stop, then got out to commit road rage.

I went there for a job interview in the early 00's and tried to get around by bus. I couldn't believe how much better it was - no double parking, no parking in bus stop, buses pulled over to let people off, and traffic let the buses in when they were ready to leave the stops (almost like they were intended to operate). I asked the driver (who was being filmed the whole time due to gang initiations included hitting the drivers) and he said because they cracked down. You got big tickets and towed (as applicable) if you didn't comply and people learned. The problem here is people think of all those things as being their birthright to the point where they will break a bus window. Remember when the new mayor of Sommeville years ago was forced to apologize for enforcing the rules during a snow emergency and had to forgive a bunch of tickets? I parked once (in a legal spot) 5 min before a parking ban went into effect for rush hour (main road feeding tunnel to NJ). My car wasn't there 15 min later when I ran back from the McDonald's (had to use their bathroom, reason why I didn't read the signs enough). The ticket, tow, and impound fees were over $400 (this was also the early 00's - I'm sure it's more now. Just enforce the damn laws and compliance will follow.


Since the pandemic our society as a whole has changed. There are increases in violence, shootings, and more happening across the globe. If you read any international news this is happening all over the planet. It is as if someone threw a switch and people that had been on the edge were just tipped off it into chaos.

However, I do not think this can be blamed solely on mankind's isolation for health needs. There have been periods of isolation before in history but I do not know if the current situation was the result. There is more at play here as if something is influencing people as a way of breaking down our society and way of life.

At the least this needs to be considered. How many here have found themselves flipping off for no serious reason and for the littlest things that might be an irritation? Have you asked yourself why?

Unprovoked street violence, people flipping out on public transit, shootings, random assaults, etc. Has this increased or are we just better at documenting things of this nature?

It seems to be impacting certain people, but not the wider masses. This is not normal for any city in any nation.


Because people don't give a shit about anyone else except themselves these days. It has gotten worse.

I think the pandemic made people wake up and realize what assholes others are and people just stopped being nice to each other because of that. The whole "anti mask' brigade taught me all I needed to know about how selfish people are and that has matriculated elsewhere now.

Add MAGA and that nonsense and its really bad out there now.

I truly believe we are in 'end of days' . When we stop giving a crap about each other, our society is doomed. No one wins when we're all selfish.

Its like the Germans before the nazi's took over. People stopped giving a crap about other people, specifically strangers. And when the nazi's started to pull the anti-jew crap and blamed everything on them. The general public's already bad attitude toward each other was just redirected at the jews, .. it was like the perfect storm.

100 or so years later. Here we are again. We didn't listen and learn then, and we certainly aren't listening and learning now. So end of days is coming. Unfortunately unlike 100 years ago, there isn't going to be anyone to save us from the nazi's.

I don't think things are going to get better, and I think its just going to get much worse... much much worse.


The whole "anti mask' brigade taught me all I needed to know about how selfish people are and that has matriculated elsewhere now.

That's funny, what taught me all I needed to know about how selfish people are were the pro-maskers and pro-vaxxers trying to coerce nonsense security theater on the whole of society, destroy other people's lives and livelihoods, just to make themselves feel safe.

"When someone accuses you of being selfish, just remember that he’s upset only because you aren’t doing what he selfishly wants you to do." — Harry Browne


You literally just exemplified what I was trying to say

Over a million Americans have died and you're still trying to push this nonsense that its all fake. Keep snorting those Q drugs, its rotting your brain.

All I have to say is that during the Spanish Flu epidemic no one seem to have a problem putting on a mask to help save others lives. Yet 100 years later, we have fucking Q spewing nonsense into pea brains like yourself and now its 'OMG ITS SECUIRTY THEATRE"

Like I said, we are in end of days. But keep snortin that Q crap.. SNOOOOORT. Feels good being ignorant doesn't.

Yeah I'm fuckin fire today.


It's the anti-vaxxers, the anti-mask wearers, and the ones who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccinations who are screwing everybody else over by keeping the pandemic going indefinitely. Not making the Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for everybody who was able to get them, like what was done with the polio vaccines back in the 1950's and the early 1960's, as well as Donald Trump, who gave us the pandemic by lying to the American people about Covid-19 and laughing it off as a hoax.

The fact is that the anti-maskers, and the anti-vaxxers are the ones, besides Donald Trump, who've gotten us into this mess, plus they're the selfish and self-centered ones, to boot.

You poor widdle anon troll.

Science class wasn't your thing, eh?

I have been asking this same question for some time now about why things have become so uncivilized, seemingly overnight. Though I think it's simply too easy to have the usual twin knee jerk reactions that it was all caused by "the pandemic" and "Trump". Too, too easy. Certainly those things didn't help, but I doubt either is the true root cause. Because along with this increase in uncivilized behavior I also see a marked increase in mental illness. Riding the T on a daily basis now, one would think one is in a busy psychiatric ward. Even just a few years ago it wasn't quite so extreme.

I moved here in 1990 and multiple people then told me, laughing, how someone hit a meter reader with their car over a parking ticket. A woman was scalded on her face in the Back Bay from having coffee thrown in her face for daring to ticket a double parked Range Rover at a Starbucks long before the pandemic. Boston has more cars than parking spots, old timers vs new timers, and a sense of entitlement for double parking, parking illegally, parking spot saving, etc. This was all happening long before Covid.


While it's true that the on-going stuff that you mention was going on prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I firmly believe that the whole Covid-19 pandemic, with its isolations, lockdowns, etc., and people becoming ill and dying from Covid19, has made already-existing nasty situations a hell of a lot worse.

There are simply too many people scrambling for too few resources.

Throughout most of this country's history, there was always more land, more resources, more opportunities to go around, and you could tell someone who couldn't find a job to "go west, young man".

Those days are over. Politics no longer center on how to share bounty, but how to share sacrifice. There's never enough money to get anything done, never enough places to live, etc.

The cost of living, particularly of housing, continues to go up, and education and health care are already insanely expensive.

There are too many people, both in this country and on the planet. Climate change and resource depletion are the consequences of that. When you hear people wishing that this or that ethnic or minority group would go away, that too is a consequence.

The bottom line is that these aren't times that bring out the best in people.


unreasonable expectations , the 5 bedroom, 5 bath houses, and of course busing all help.

You've made some good points, TenPointFour, but I also believe that this:

Unprovoked street violence, people flipping out on public transit, shootings, random assaults, etc. Has this increased or are we just better at documenting things of this nature?

is a combination of the above-mentioned actions and behaviors on the part of people being on the increase, and having gotten better at documenting things of this nature.

This is like catnip for the Uhub crowd. I, for one, have already reserved my front row seat for the day this miscreant gets executed on the breaking wheel.


Just askin'

Massholes don’t call other massholes the word masshole. You my friend are not from here.

In many countries more civilized than ours, there are laws against honking except to prevent a serious accident like hitting a pedestrian. And they’re enforced and obeyed.

Actually, we have laws here that horns are just for emergencies. But nobody cares.

Damages, mandatory anger management and a parking ticket. That’s what he should get.

This never would have happened in old Southie.

This is as Southie as slashing tires for parking space rustling.

Anyone who assaults a mbta driver or property should be prosecuted.