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Math, Dunkin' style

A Dunkin app summary from February showing unexplained hidden charge

After reading about the guy suing Dunkin' for unexplained charges on purchases he made via its app, a UHub reader forwarded this screen capture of a similar occurrence on his app from last year.

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15 cents extra just for using their app? Did Dunks change hands recently? Is Elon Musk running it now?

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Ironic someone posted about Door Dash groceries. See I had the exact opposite experience using Door Dash to get Wendys. Got the reciept and it was the same in store price. Uber Eats.. not so much. (which is why I stopped using them). I think Wendys has a deal with DoorDash (as its their preferred deliver service on their website) but even still.

I wont even start with Instacart and Market Basket. I know MB's prices the the back of my hand and its obvious they are up charging people 200% or more for some items, while others are spot on same price.

Its shifty and these places need to stop this crap. I get 'convinence fees' but these fees are turning into a revenue stream for companies. If your business model depends on additional fees, its not a viable business.

UberEATs is clearly this. There's a fee, then a delivery charge, and then some other charge.. on top of the already jacked up depending on time of day food prices.

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