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MFA springs a leak

Color-coordinated trash barrels catch water at MFA exhibit

Matt Frank was taking in the European wing at the Museum of Fine Arts today when water began pouring out of the ceiling and even trash barrels coordinated with the floor tiles were not enough, so the museum has closed off the area.

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London museums might be free but without leaks.

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I wonder if the extreme cold caused a surprise to some part of the HVAC system....

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I don't know exactly what happened and when, but as I approached the building around 2 pm (hoping to get lunch from LaVerde's), they were closing it up and making everyone inside leave. Signs outside say it will be closed tomorrow as well.

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Is that employee just leaning against the display?

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There is a lip that was against the wall the chest stood on. They were standing on the lip but from what I saw was not leaning back. They were definitely on the lip though because the water was all over the floor.

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No he was not.. he was standing on the platform because water was splashing onto the platform where the display was.

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The black can should have been in the middle.

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