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More Canadian wildfire smoke over Boston area, but this time from Nova Scotia

Smoke over New England

A bit subtle, but Nova Scotia smoke over eastern Mass. at 12:36 p.m, via the GOES East satellite.

The National Weather Service office in Norton reports that smoke from raging fires north of Halifax has been blown down here. And unlike with the Alberta smoke, which stayed high up in the atmosphere:

Nova Scotia smoke has made its way to the surface, we can actually smell it here at the office!

Jan reports:

Can smell it in HP.

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Typing this on my phone from the passenger seat of a car on the Masspike at 495; it's quite hazy and smelly.

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It is not even summer yet.

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Well, the air is gray/brown but the Purple Air Map of residential scale air monitors is very interesting this afternoon.

Watching as monitors go yellow and orange and red and then slowly back to green makes it possible to track the plumes. Clearly some crazy spikes in PM2.5 going on and moving across the landscape.

Spring is the most common time for fires in the northeast, but this is absolutely unprecedented in scale. The northernmost tip of Maine is also very dry on the NOAA maps, but that obviously hasn't stopped at the border.

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Andrew Chang of the CBC explains:

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Is an investigation still underway? Usually caused by lesser life form called human. Environmental crime is a wildfire and should be punishable to the max. Go ahead say whatever you want. Nothing is going to change my shared opinion. Go stick your head in a bag and light it with a cigarette butt What causes our wildfires if it's not stupid humans and their polluting?

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The Canadian government names lightning as the cause of about 60% of wildfires (in western Canadian provinces in particular). But yes, that still leaves an unacceptable number of human caused preventable fires.

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I've been smelling it every night for the past 4 nights, tonight included.

I guess I should mentally apologize for mentally blaming my neighbor's fire pit.

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Smokey the bear let one rip?

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