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More defects found in Green Line tracks, so trolleys will keep running as slow as, well, you know

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After saying yesterday the only reason to keep the entire Green Line as a slow zone was to put up signs to alert train drivers to individualized slow zones, the MBTA announced today it's steady, um, slow as she goes for the entire Green Line because they've found more track problems.

Speed restriction of 10-25 mph remains in place on Green Line from end-to-end. T has identified portions of track which may include multiple defects that need to be investigated or mitigated.

As each defect is validated and corrected as needed, that track portion will be able to have the speed restriction lifted. Speed restrictions are in place for the safety of employees and customers.

The T first announced a global slowdown across the entire T system on March 9, after inspectors from the state Department of Public Utilities, prodded into remembering they were supposed to be overseeing T safety when the feds showed up earlier this year, found problems on the Ashmont branch of the Red Line and then the T couldn't show proof other track problems had been fixed. The added delays, of course, were on top of already existing delays caused by other track problems and an ongoing shortage of dispatchers.

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When the MBTA was touting it's massive green line track replacement program - most track replaced since the 70s? And how they created new processes to significantly speed up replacement along with all the branch shutdowns to do it?

How is this possible and why are people not being held accountable for this massive amount of incompetence? Was the track replacement half assed? Did a contractor pocket a bunch of money? Was the inspections wrong and missed all of this bad track when they were bragging about replacing all the bad green line track?

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done at all?

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Talking about massive upgrades and improvements doesn't mean that they actually did them. I guess there was some fine print we didn't read.

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I mean as someone who lives along the D line for the last 16 years and lived through shuttle buses for 2-3 summers and countless weekends, they were doing something - track replacements, tree trimming etc - though it took months for them to fix countdown timers etc when they randomly stopped working.

It frustrates me as a9meome who depends on public transit that we are barely at 2000 level technology - why aren’t we using tech like NYC, or London ? I am not so bold to expect the level you see in Asia.

When I was in Japan I was amazed at the speed, the cleanliness, the timing etc of subway and elevated trains and bullet trains. Boston claims to be so smart, yet we need to bribe people with gift cards to take a vaccine, beg developers to please not raise rents and price out small businesses to have CVS or a Starbucks everywhere, robbing our city of character.

These are problems we could solve, time to raid the T pensions, retain or lay people off, and find better contractors and suppliers.

I blame Baker for a lot of this but Patrick fell down in the job just as much, if not more.

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between the crow, eagle, turkey, duck, and rooster brands of molasses that Bryan Bro's would sell.

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What "repairs" were done to the tracks after the "inspections" and shuttle busing took place (especially the Orange Line) last time? How much overtime was milked for lies?? It's mind boggling how bad the crumbling MBTA transit infrastructure is, how mismanaged funds for repairs were/are, and how riders' lives were/are gambled with lies. It's so bad.

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...to spend on track upgrades and equipment maintenance.

Oh well. I guess replacing a perfectly functional fare collection system really is much more important that the trains staying on the tracks...

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