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More loud banging reported, but probably not F15s this time

At 10:37 p.m., Archivehive reported:

Did anyone hear two loud bangs? Cambridge Street West End Boston area.

It sounded like something falling out of the sky and then bang. Then it happened again

Sure enough, others heard them, too:

Draco: "Heard it from td garden. saw a lot of light too."

Kim Pegnato reported hearing them in Melrose. Super Guppy, too, but in Roslindale, while Chris in East Boston figured it was just some fireworks. Lauren, also in East Boston, reports they were loud enough to wake her normally chill cat and "make him glare."

Chelsea Catlette heard them in Charlestown, as did Keating, near Warren Tavern.

South Boston and the North End, too. Beacon Hill as well.


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They're loud as shit (that apartment is too damn small for having a loud dog that size that you refuse to take outside for long walks, friends) but unless the wind was really blowing a certain way, hard to imagine them being audible that far away from Somerville

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It was fireworks. I saw them launched and blow. There's a group of people who set them off by the charlestown bridge around the 4th and new years every year. They always start off by firing one or two that sound more like artillery rounds than fireworks.

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It was those large mortar fireworks launched from somewhere in the North End. I heard it. First there was that dull thump sound at launch, then a loud whistle, then a giant kaboom like a bomb went off. Keep the explosives out of the city woudja?

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