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Morrissey Boulevard re-opened, at least until somebody tosses a water bottle out the window

MassDOT reports the perennially flooded Morrissey Boulevard was re-opened to traffic around 2:15 p.m., after Dorchester Bay receded back to sea level.

Capturegirl smithily photographed the flooded road today.

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When Morrissey floods and is completely closed, or lanes are closed, the impact is felt all over Dorchester and Southie because that traffic has to go somewhere. This is now happening 1 or more times every month.
Dot Ave, Freeport St, Columbia Rd, Day Blvd, and more, back up and no one can get where they're going.
Add to that, the Red line has numerous "slow zones" and broken train cars, so "rapid transit" doesn't help.
But sure, lets continue to build lots of huge buildings up and down Morrissey Blvd.

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Invest in rapid transit. Ride a bike. Don't live in an exurb.

These are all better solutions than "people should live 2+ hours away".

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Hi ho, Magoo here. Magoo is pleazed to say that Magoo actually went paddleboarding on Mourry Bully, which is what Magoo calls the above mentioned street. Ah well, time to get back to Magoo’s opinion writing. Magoo.

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That was a hell of a king tide.

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