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Mythical Central Square club set to re-open next week

Vanyaland reports that, after two decades of being closed, ManRay will re-open on Jan. 18.

Note for young'uns: The club came before the SpongeBob villain.

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While I am happy to see another gay friendly spot open up, after a few weeks ago learning that we were losing another one.

I just wonder how well it will do. Its been nearly 20 years since it closed, and the whole club scene has changed. Different people, different atttitudes, different music.

Even Central Square isnt the same place it was when Manray closed.

Will be interesting to see how well they do. I wish them the best of luck tho.

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"Different people, different attitudes, different music."

It may also turn out to be 57 year olds trying to squeeze into leather to hear Sleep Chamber one more time.

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hah. You know I've never heard the audio from that movie. Seen it enough times tho.. at Axis on Mondays in the back (before they remodeled). No sound, just the thumping trance to go along with the motion pictures.

But yeah.. let's pop a gertiol and go dancing to Blue Monday. I hope they open earlier than 10.. gotta be home before midnight cuz you know. we're old.

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How is everyone supposed to get home from a large venue that closes at 2 am? Since ManRay was last open, this part of Central lost its main evening parking when the two large lots at Prospect and Bishop Allen stopped allowing the public to park there nights and weekends, even though they’re 99% empty at those times. It’s going to be a chaotic Uber fest on Prospect Street.

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I'm familiar with the space they're opening in, it's just not that big. I don't think it's going to move the needle much for an area that (by Boston standards) is already lively at night.

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Back in the day, we took cabs home after the lights came on at the bar or club we were at. It wasn't too big of a deal to do so, same thing applies now, only substitute the word Uber for taxi.

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Cambridge got its dungeon back and it's not costing taxpayers a cent.


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