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News war brewing in Cambridge

A couple days ago, longtime Cambridge Day publisher, editor and reporter Marc Levy announced he had joined up with the Cambridge Local News Matters Advisory Board on a $75,000 crowdsourcing effort to ensure the site not only stays up but expands - by hiring writers, editors and a publisher.

Cambridge Day might face competition - not from the useless Cambridge Chronicle, now as bereft of local content as most other Gannett "news" sites - but from the Harvard Crimson.

NiemanLabs reports the student news outlet, with an annual budget roughly ten times the amount the Day folks hope to raise, has started a weekly newsletter to cover news beyond the school's ivy-covered walls - both in Cambridge and Allston, which is even more of a news desert than Cambridge.

Our metro briefing already has an audience of 1,300 subscribers, and we hope to grow it further by providing residents with consistent, diligent metro journalism.

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