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Nike laces up for sneaker patent lawsuit against New Balance

Nike says this is all patented

Nike says this is an example of its patented sneaker techniques.

Nike today formally charged Brighton+based New Balance with infringing on several of its patents for producing pretty much everything in a sneaker above the sole and tread.

In its suit, filed today in US District Court in Boston, Nike accuses New Balance of swooshing in on it its patented Flyknit technology, which it says took a decade to develop and which "provides a novel method of designing and manufacturing shoe uppers, which enables Nike to create footwear with excellent performance, design, and aesthetics - all while reducing materials and waste."

Nike says New Balance and its third-party manufacturers continued to make sneakers pretty much the same way as Nike despite three letters Nike sent the company asking it to either stop or negotiate a licensing deal.

Nike is seeking a court order to bring New Balance to heel - by making it stop the alleged nonsense and by imposing enough damages to make it think twice about going down the court like that ever again.

In a statement, New Balance responded:

New Balance fully respects competitors’ intellectual property rights, but Nike does not own the exclusive right to design and produce footwear by traditional manufacturing methods that have been used in the industry for decades. We will vigorously defend ourselves against Nike’s attempts to enforce its patents beyond their lawful scope.

Complete complaint (1.8M PDF).

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Nike hasn’t released a good shoe in years. I guess this is their tactic for fighting the competition

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Nike sneakers are built with tight little toe boxes fit for a pair of stilettos. Uncomfortable to the max with not much arch support either. Name cache without any quality to back it up. Give me NB over Nike 8 days a week.

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I've been a New Balance wearer for over 35 years, and I agree that New Balance sneakers are far more comfortable than any other shoe I've owned.

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from people using Nike's Vaporfly shoe or one based off of it's carbon plate design? Seems pretty effective to me.

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And if so, who will be the sole winner?

If there's an out-of-court settlement, will it last?

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will be the heel?

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Eyelet these puns go on for long enough. It's time to stop.

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It's Sneakertown.

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I wonder who will foot the bill? I was an early adapter to NB in the 80s and so ahead of my time was I that I was teased by a girl who clearly had a crush on me for wearing “fake Nikes” as she called them. Looks like Pam may have been right after all

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