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We bet nobody's mouth was agape, hearing Ashmont tracks were in bad shape

This morning, the MBTA reported delays of up to 20 minutes, atop the more usual delays, on the Red Line's Ashmont branch due to a "track problem" at Ashmont. You may recall that the decision to turn the entire T system into a slow zone last week was due to track problems state inspectors found on that branch.

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I watch videos, because I am old, pathetic and lonely, of locomotives 100 years ago steaming across the Rockies, across Siberia! and I say ... how could they possibly have done that!? Trains are, apparently, like one of most complex systems known to man!

I am full on losing it. It's like at least lie to us better.


Does anyone believe that the MBTA will be able to safely evacuate thousands of families from Southie after the parade.