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North End restaurant owner who is charged with shooting at a man is ordered held without bail for four months

Boston Municipal Court Judge Paul Treseler today determined that Patrick Mendoza, 54, was dangerous and ordered him held for 120 days, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Mendoza will return to court August 4 for a probable cause hearing.

Mendoza was arrested at a Cape Cod substance-abuse center on Friday after spending several days on the run following an incident in which he allegedly fired a gun at a man with whom he had long feuded outside Modern Pastry on Hanover Street. The bullet missed the target, instead winding up in the bakery.

Yesterday, the Boston Licensing Board shut his restaurant, Monica's Trattoria on Prince Street, for leaving the restaurant without a designated manager and for failing to appear on a hearing on Thursday.

Last week, the Mendoza family's attorney submitted the name of a long-time employee to take over as the "manager of record."

The corporation that formally owns the restaurant filed paperwork last week to transfer ownership of the restaurant to new owners - one of his brothers, his wife and his son. All of the restaurants owned by the three brothers have Monica's in their names.

The licensing board rejected a plea to let the restaurant stay open until a formal hearing on the ownership and manager changes.

Innocent, etc.



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A Magoo Spickwicky: Good golly and good gafer. This was a good ruling, dangerousness in-deed! Magoo.

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Can they just transfer the manager on record without this guys presence?

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What makes this thug so special that the licensing board should set a dangerous precedent? This is a family business, so it's on the WHOLE family to figure out next steps, according to the laws of the land that we all must abide by. The family knew who this guy was and what he was plotting - even the victim knew Mendoza was coming for him. So when the s&#t hit the fan, they all got hit with it.

Unfortunately they all played fast and loose with the fates of their employees. They are the real victims here. Luckily for them, there is a robust need in the restaurant industry for experienced staff.

I for one am glad to see the city officials avoiding the kind of "sweetheart" deal that Boston is infamous for. Nobody is above the law.

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If nothing else, seems he's a flight risk...

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He got a haircut and a new tube of Brylcreem that Paulie Walnuts would envy

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