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North End taken over by the horsey set

Guy riding a horse through the North End

The North End has many charms, but horseback riding is not normally one of them, so Jessica Dello Russo was a bit nonplussed when she spotted this guy hoofing it the wrong way down Salem Street this afternoon:

Yeehaw. Seriously, what was this cowboy doing riding his trusty steed through the North End of Boston Saturday afternoon? Aside from going wrong way down Salem St., can you just ride a horse through city?

Ed. note: Yes, yes, on Patriots Day, somebody always recreates Paul Revere's starting at the Prado.

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I learned about this duo (plus rider Gerry Scott) a month or so back, after seeing a flyer over by the Eliot School.


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I was a bit disappointed to discover that there were no flying horses involved. I had imagined squadrons of them, flying over this great country in vintage WWII fighters. A mustang flying a Mustang, wouldn't that be great?

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The website has the following:

Our horses are always walked and are never ridden when we visit people.

If this is on their website then there is an implication that this is important information. If the information is to convey something important then why is the horse ridden in a densely populated area?

This is such as an unabashedly feel good idea that something does not feel quite right. What is the benefit to the people investing lots of times and money to the project? Surely altruistic? Nah, we're Americans of the US. Pure altruism is not part of our middle class identity.

Maybe it is to just promote keeping horses in cities - with a goal to horses living in a city (besides police horses). But that might require modifying zoning laws.

Imagine a horse farm in Franklin Park? Like one that is on the cape where folks can ride horses trained for that use. I can think of a perfect place for that kind of farm. Dedicating part of the Franklin Park golf course. This would be much more in keeping with Olmstead's vision of Franklin Park and could wind up be a better use - especially for mental health - than a large yard for pushing balls into holes.

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There was a nearby stable in JP.
I used to ride a lot. Equitation and less strenuous stuff. Its a great feeling to be in synch with a horse’s gait.
I gave it up when I could no longer avoid seeing how unnatural and cruel it is for horses. Imagine iron shoes on your feet, snaffle bits, spurs and crops. Isolation in stalls. Industrial food. Put on display for crowds of noisy people. Death and injury at racetracks and steeple chases.
Now I enjoy seeing them ride free in herds. Of which there are fewer and fewer.

The Franklin Park golf course would make a good horse and other animal refuge.

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I rarely play golf, and do so poorly when I venture onto the course. Devine/Franklin is a fantastic affordable course in the middle of the city which has provided the opportunity to play to generations of hackers from Boston and neighboring towns. It's not nearly the same as public playing fields and courts, but there are many who could not otherwise afford to play regularly, and there are many who would have never learned to play at all.

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Boston needs a plant conservatory. Major cities across the nation have plant conservatories. Pittsburgh's literally has a line of people waiting to get in during winter.

A plant conservatory is educational (it's Boston, that has to go first), relaxing, and of course is another method of more community development and maintenance. Add that given the emphasis on local foods a conservatory that has an outdoor component could be a laboratory for edible plants. Given the proximity to Arnold Arboretum there is an inevitable connection and relationship.

A year round place for exploring the botanical worlds that many kids never get to (how many inner city kids get to go into deserts or tropics?) and for, to use the Japanese term, a smaller version of forest bathing.

Compared to a golf course available only to folks who can afford golf clubs, have the time to go golfing and is usable for only part of the year. A conservatory that is open year round, that helps everyone compared to a big yard for whacking dimpled balls?

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We should have one for all the reasons you mention and more.

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Had a great time riding horses around the perimeter of Franklin Park. Were the stables on Forest Hills Street @Lee?

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There were two stables. Another nearby. Now a nice park.

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being cynical about charities, I took a look

1. Appears to be a rich guy, has superseded "middle class."

2. Horses were a part of his Army Reserve career, plus a rich guy hobby

3. No solicitation for cash donations on website

4. Veteran trying to help other veterans and others in way he enjoys.

only ulterior motive I could guess is travel and opportunity to get glory, meet and score with plethora of potential romantic partners if single. Good looking older middle-aged guy.

Best of luck to him.

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That word with the two opposing meanings.
I’m a bit of both whenever I see it used.
I’ve never been plussed because you can’t be.

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I saw this guy in Boothbay, Maine back in May. The next day I saw him in Ogunquit, Maine. I was curious as to what he was doing.

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Refreshing, nice to see the whole horse, instead of the more frequently sighted after section.

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No, I don't mean the horse rider - the person that is upset about a horse in a city where the roads were built for horses and pedestrians and paved for bicycles.

Do they realize that they aren't in Dallas or LA?

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Ever try to ride a horse next to a 18 wheeler delivering to Dunks or a Duck loaded with tourists? Even regular cars and bikes spook some horses. Try wearing iron shoes that never come off.

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I first rode a horse at the age of 2-3. I am familiar.

There are many reasons that I don't ride anymore, and you do name a few.

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You beat me by a year maybe.

J D Salinger yelled at me for riding past his back garden when I was 4 or 5.

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