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Now up to four possible candidates to replace Ed Coppinger

Robert Orthman of Roslindale and Garrett Casey of Jamaica Plain have both filed with the state to run as Democrats for the 10th Suffolk state representative's seat Ed Coppinger resigned from this week.

Although the district is mostly West Roxbury, it does contain bits of Roslindale, Jamaica Plain and South Brookline.

Orthman, who grew up in West Roxbury, is an attorney with the state Department of Early Education. Casey is also a lawyer, and is policy director for state Sen. Cynthia Creem, 1st Middlesex and Norfolk.

They join William MacGregor and David Giordano as potential candidates in the May 2 Democratic primary. The winner would then face any possible candidates from other parties in the May 30 special election.



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Why wouldn't one of these folks run as a non-Democrat? (Maybe a Republican or Green Party or something else.) Why fight to get your name out there and differentiate yourself in the primary when you could just waltz into the final election as a "Charlie Baker Republican" (or something.)

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Group think! Some people don’t actually know much about who they vote for. Some people blindly vote for ANYONE as long as they identify with a particular party.

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Garret Casey has been working for Democratic reps & for Democratic causes (especially student loan reform) for years. Presumably, it's something he strongly believes in.

Bill MacGregor was Matt O'Malley's chief of staff and also is a dyed in the wool Democrat.

Orthman seems to have a progressive resume in education and community involvement, and was an aid to John Tobin back in the day. He seems to be heartfelt.

I don't know anything about Giordano.

Well, anon, that was 5 minutes on google. You may want to give it a shot next time. Elections are important. Learning about candidates is wise.

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