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Oak Square Italian place closes

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the closing of Fiorella's Express/Trattoria at 2 Tremont St. in Oak Square in Brighton this weekend.



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This a frequent place for us to pickup or get delivery from, they did such a good job catering to celiac needs for my partner.

Never ever had a contamination incident over the years, I believe the owner's wife might've been diagnosed and that pushed them to make these great options.

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I never had a problem with Fiorella's. It was okay. There's a few other choices in the area that I liked more anyways, so I just never had a need to go there.

The new Detroit style place (that took over the 8 Pizzas place) is pretty decent for Detroit style. Ziggy's isn't bad at all either. For a VERY greek style pizza, I like Little Pizza King (and they're also my go-to sub/salad/fried place too).

The worst part is probably that Fiorella's had such a large footprint (corner unit) on the street there. I hope something fills the space relatively quickly. I was walking to MDM Noodles the other day and suddenly realized just how much of Washington St between Market and D-14 is blank right now. Some revitalization feels needed.

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The city hall war on Italian restaurants continues?

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No. Dammit, no. I'm coming down on Tuesday. Gonna miss the end of this like I did with Common Ground.

Least I had some in August when I popped in when I came back from the airport. Didn't think that would be goodbye. Wow. Walked down the hill all the time when I lived on Larch. COVID ruined Boston.

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They still have locations in Belmont, Concord, Lexington, and Watertown.

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I saw that there's a record store there now too.

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