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Oh, sure, like you've never had fantasies about a pickle-tree jungle

Pickle Jungle Fantasy Land

If, for some reason, you need to know how to get to Faneuil and South Hobart streets in Brighton, and you go to Google Maps for the directions, you'll notice an odd place marker to the left: Pickle Jungle Fantasy Land on Donnybrook Road.

Click on the marker, and then on "Reviews" for this "shrine:"

I have been a neighbor of the Pickle estate for almost four years without knowing if it’s existence. This explains the oddly enticing aroma of brined haddock that wafts up the street from time to time. 10/10 would recommend as a neighbor.

I paid $13.17 for my five night stay at this lovely establishment where I was greeted by an amenable British man and his diva wife, along with 13 boxes of macaroni and cheese in varying flavours and levels of organic. The poor availability to door keys at 2 in the morning was easily made up for by the cinematic gold that was Japanese cooking shows.

Almost knocked off a star because the host made me bring my own trout but the place is just so charming I couldn't bring myself to do it.

It sound so delightful, but we can't help but wondering why it's in Brighton and not Newstead Montegrade.

Via Boston Reddit.



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Either it's been removed or I need new glasses.

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I just tried and it was still there, but just in case here's a copy of the reviews.

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Now it's there. Guess I'll have to visit.

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Pickle Jungle Fantasy Land
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And all 5 star reviews!

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