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Old Allston Regina Pizzeria might be choice location for new restaurant with live music

Boston Restaurant Talk reports local restaurant operator Douglas Bacon plans to turn the old Regina/Allston Depot on Cambridge Street in Allston into Hobson's Bar & Kitchen, which might offer a DJ and live music as well.



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I thought this was gonna become the new Great Scott?

I sure hope whatever it turns into that it plays live rock music frequently. DJ's are fun and all in a way that is really super lame. We don't need a place exclusively for elite life science employees who occasionally do LSD to listen 'beats' at. It would be okay to do that some of the time, but bringing some gritty soul back via rocknroll is essential to our spiritual survival here in Rat City

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Buch Hobson's?

Hobson's Choice?

Is there a Doug Bacon signature pizza with bacon and Doug written in cursive with sour cream or Cheez Whiz?

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What happened to Great Scott going in there? There was a huge crowdfunding effort for GS to the tune of $350k that never materialized anywhere...

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Yep, Great Scott was looking like it was going to go in the old Regina's spot, but all the press made the property owners flake out. Of course, they end up going with the boomer option of having a sports bar full of screens with a "DJ".

Donors to the GS campaign know that there's discussions happening about an alternate location. It's being kept quiet until it's confirmed. Be patient, this has been an ongoing 3-year saga. And look what's going into the old spot, but a Taco Bell cantina...

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Great Scott is still actively working on opening a new location and issues periodic updates. They stopped looking at the Regina space because of the gigantic bar in the middle of the main room, which would need to be moved (along with its dozen beer tap lines under the floor) at significant expense for the space to be usable as a Great Scott-style music venue. Keeping the building as a restaurant and putting on smaller-scale live music is more viable there.

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the crowdfunding money if Great Scott's doesn't open there?
Way back when Mr. Butch (The Mayor of Allston) passed, then-Marty's Liquors on the corner of Harvard and Comm. had a jar on the counter for contributions towards some sort of statue for Mr. Butch. Marty's closed that location and nothing became of a tribute to Mr. Butch.
If the crowdfunding for Great Scott was in the ballpark of $350K, who gets that money?

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How about turning it into a train station? That's the obvious location for one, not half a mile east at West Station, and not half a mile west at Boston Landing, both of which will always feel like industrial backwaters. The Boston & Albany figured this out in 1867.

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