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At one end of Brookline, a bakery closes down, while at the other end, a bakery tries to re-open

WBUR reports that Roula Kappas, who bought New Paris Bakery in Brookline Village with her husband in 1988 is closing the shop so she can retire to Greece.

Meanwhile, down in South Brookline, Cheryl-Ann's, closed since a 2021 fire reports it is close to re-opening. In fact, it had hoped to re-open by Rosh HaShanah, but couldn't.



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Sadly, it doesn't apply in Roslindale (sigh). RIP Boschettos, Dianes, Vouros, John's, and Droubis, aka Bob's, which is still a good place for other Lebanese and Middle Eastern groceries, fruit and veg, etc. But it used bake the bread on-site and even had French-style pastries and baklava. I may have missed one or two, idk.

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Like the sun on a daily basis ,
The dough will also rise in Brookline ,
Keep the Faith people.

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It was the successor to Boschettos, but was nevertheless a different bakery, even if the location was the same. But yeah, I used to enjoy bragging about how many bakeries I could walk to, and sadly it's down to just one at this point (Fornax), unless you consider Exodus Bagels to be a bakery.

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