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Online argument turned fatal on Tremont Street downtown, DA says

A Weymouth woman was ordered held without bail at her arraignment today on second-degree murder charges for the fatal stabbing of Jazreanna Sheppard outside the Park Street T stop July 20, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Sheppard died about a week after the attack. The charge means that Alyssa Partsch, 30, could face life imprisonment if she's convicted, but with the possibility of parole after a set number of years.

According to the DA's office:

Assistant District Attorney Kaitlin Tolbert said the two women had never met but that Partsch had sent Sheppard numerous antagonistic social media messages. Tolbert said video surveillance from the incident showed Partsch approach Sheppard while holding a knife and then stab her numerous times in the head and neck.

The DA's office did not specify what Partsch's alleged online beef with Sheppard was about.

Partsch was arrested Saturday by Boston Police, who initially described her as being from Dorchester.

Innocent, etc.



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If she has a minimal criminal history and a halfway decent lawyer and a sympathetic prosecutor and judge, she could get 2nd degree down to manslaughter.
If she did it let's hope she gets a tough prosecutor and judge.


Sounds pretty damn premeditated to me.

WTF is a 30 year old "cafe manager" doing this shit for? Pure psycho. Her lawyer asking for a low bail is a joke given the severity of the allegations. Someone facing life in jail is automatically a flight risk.


A psycho.

In 2017 she plead guilty to a knife attack on another woman: assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The prosecution claims to have video of the attack on Jazreanna Sheppard, that may bode well for a conviction.



She's a menace to society.