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Online candidate forum for 10th Suffolk race

The Highland Neighborhood Civic Association will hold a Zoom forum on Thursday for the three Democratic candidate for the state rep's seat vacated by Ed Coppinger.

The session starts at 7 p.m. Free registration is required.

Celia Segel of Jamaica Plain, Rob Orthman of Roslindale and Bill MacGregor of West Roxbury are running in the May 2 primary, the winner of which will become the next state rep barring a successful write-in campaign in the May 28 final election.

The district covers West Roxbury and parts of Roslindale, Jamaica Plain and South Brookline.



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Maybe the candidates and association can discuss the need to do something (the opposite of what if anything they are doing now) to attract more foot traffic and businesses to the barren hell scape that is Centre St.. When you get a Dollar Store… and the Westies lose their collective sh*t over it… and then even the Dollar Store leaves cuz they can’t make money you know you have a problem. Lol.

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