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Orange Line passengers need to wear raincoats these days

No, don't worry, leaking roofs are not (yet, anyway) a problem on the new trains. But riders carrying beer and Gatorade are, Transit Police report.

Around 4 p.m., yesterday, Transit Police report, officers responded to Ruggles on a report that a drunk guy was "pouring beer on passengers." They found the guy, but only one other passenger willing to admit he'd just been doused with beer; nobody else wanted to get involved, police say. Officers removed the alleged inebriate from the train and took him to a local hospital for observation.

That was about an hour and 15 minutes after officers had to respond, also at Ruggles, to interview a woman, eight months pregnant, "who stated a group of male juveniles spit on her and threw a Gatorade bottle at her" after she said "excuse me" to them as she tried to pass them on the stairs.

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