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Outbreak of break-ins reported in residential area near BC

The Boston Police Department reports detectives are investigating a series of residential break-ins in an area along Commonwealth Avenue near Boston College over the past couple of weeks.

These calls have occurred at homes and apartments on Washington Street, Kirkwood Road, Radnor Road, Gerald Road, Foster Street, Commonwealth Avenue and most recently on Murdock Street. These incidents appear to have occurred between the hours of 9:00 PM and 2:00 AM and most appear to involve a single individual gaining entry via an unsecured door, window, or by removing an air condition unit. During most of these break ins, small items such as laptops and bags were taken. In some instances, residents were home but unaware.

The department has a special word for the college students who live in that area:

As many college students in the Brighton/Allston area end their school year and perhaps return home for the summer, or as new students begin to move into recently vacated apartments, we ask that you make sure you secure your on or off campus housing units when you leave by locking all doors and windows. Sounds simple, but, it is often overlooked. Please take precautions in advance and, if need be, contact your management company or landlord to make sure that the locks are in working order. If you have air conditioners, please remove them from the windows especially those where there is access to a fire escape. If they can’t be removed, make sure they are securely fastened. As for items of value, best to take them with you. Easy-to-steal items like iPads, laptops, game systems, jewelry and currency are always attractive targets for would-be thieves.



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