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Owners of Asian markets to pay $800,000 to workers denied overtime

The owners of C-Mart stores in the South End and Quincy and one formerly in Chinatown will pay $800,000 in restitution and penalties to some 150 workers, the state Attorney General's office announced today.

The AG's office had cited the stores in 2021, but their owners appealed. According to the AG's office:

The C-Mart stores, along with their respective corporate presidents, Maio Kun Fang, Bao Song Qu, and Quxiang Lin, were issued 15 citations in 2021. The citations were the result of an investigation in which the AG’s Fair Labor Division concluded that C-Mart stores failed to furnish true and accurate payroll records, failed to post required workplace notices, including earned sick time posters, and did not properly pay workers for overtime hours or for hours worked on Sundays.



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