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Pandemonium at Revere Beach: Two shot, Revere, State and even Boston police respond

The evening ended in chaos along Revere Beach. Steve Cooper reports two people were shot, one near Shirley Avenue, the other near BK's Bar and Grill, as Revere and State Police try to clear hundreds of people from along the beach. Boston officers, including those in specialized gun cars and dressed in riot gear responded, with a staging area set up at Suffolk Downs. Acting Mayor Patrick Keefe is on the way.

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What on earth is a specialized gun car? Is it a SWAT Team truck?

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It's a 2-man cruiser with 2 SWAT officers and their equipment in it. There's typically a couple of these cars on duty to cover the whole city. They respond to shootings and other high risk incidents.

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Land sharks are by far the most dangerous predator you have to fear this summer.

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Don't forget the land whales. Their prime beaching season is upon us.

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Social Media was the pits last night because of this. Boy its real easy to spot the racists posts.

"oh they musta came up from Dorchester" many tweets said under a video clip of a buncha black people on one of the grand stands fighting.

jfc people, black people live everywhere. Yes, Including Revere. And yes, while some may be immigrants, lets not cast a wide blanket like that (but people do).

As someone who lives nearby, frequents this beach during the summer.. I can tell you, Revere Beach attracts everyone. And its obvious when people complain about it who a) doesn't live nearby anymore b) hasn't been to Revere beach since the 80s.

Time for racists to keep to their traps shut since they don't know. But I guess its easy to play the 'blacks are undesirable trouble makers" card for many.

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about the Revere Beach riot of 1920

NYT: REVERE, Mass., Aug. 9.—Law and order again reigned at Revere Beach today. The military and police patrolled the beach to prevent a repetition of the rioting which occurred last night when several hundred sailors, reinforced by a few civilians, attacked and besieged the station house of the Metropolitan Park police, and troops were called out.

Paywalled archive: https://nyti.ms/43w5eaT

Boston Daily Globe article: https://www.newspapers.com/image/430863981/?clipping_id=50871481&fcfToke...

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