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Perennial Cambridge candidate dead in car crash after the close of polls on Tuesday

Cambridge Day reports that Gregg Moree, who has run unsuccessfully for a seat on the city council in nine straight elections, died after driving into a parked car near his house Tuesday night - following another election in which he did not win a seat.



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I wonder if he died after or before he hit the car?

The likely speed and safety factors involved don't add up.

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I love the start of a conspiracy theory.

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The Cambridge Day writer is a smug prick as well. Kicking a dead man for what purpose? The guy was a little strange and not an effective political candidate, so it’s ok to slag him off in an obituary?

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The guy died. Put all your differences aside, but this asshole clearly couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show his real colors.

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Only meters from his apartment

Why not smoots?

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