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Piece of Harvard Square station falls on rider

WCVB reports she was taken to a local hospital for observation. Photo of the aftermath.

It comes after another rider was almost beaned by a falling ceiling tile at the station in March.

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The report says MBTA general manager Phillip Eng was one of those on-scene inspecting the fallen utility box and column.

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if he wanted to maintain credibility, and he knew it.

A good sign, though. Hope something gets done. That's a very busy station.

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Did we ever see anyone from Charlie's board on site? Even if Eng is just there for optics, at least he gives a damn about the optics, which is 100% more damns than were given for several years prior.

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was always real busy! Doing something important! Remind me what it was, anyone ...

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How did Phillip Eng get himself to Harvard Square to inspect the fallen utility box? If he drove, where did he find parking?

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Normally, I've never worried too much about the condition of the T stations. But a few days after the first Harvard ceiling collapse, I was waiting at Davis for a train (you know, just waiting 14 minutes at rush hour...), when I noticed how precarious the state of the ceiling was. Most of the tiles had been ripped out recently, and one of the PA-system speakers, made of metal and looking like it weighed at least 30 lbs., was being held on to the ceiling by zip-ties. Sure, maybe they were industrial-strength zip-ties or something, but I still moved a wee bit further down the platform, and now I'm glad I did.

The T should calculate the necessary costs of full repairs at each station (skipping the 'station brightening' projects that they've done), even if that means a gut rehab job, and be honest with the public about how much that's going to cost.

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And clean the restrooms.

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No maintenance.

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... basically let the system rot away.

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"Legally¨, it seems - so far.

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