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More pantograph woes are no longer surprising: Parts of the Green Line are dead, T is advising

Hey, remember back in the day when the Green Line kept having embarrassing pantograph problems, and the T said in one case it was because the line was too new and in other cases it was because the lines were too old? And then the T promised it was doing stuff to fix the problems?

Yeah, good times. The T reports it's running shuttle buses instead of trolleys along the C and D lines because of a new pantograph problem at Kenmore Square.



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Live reporting from Copely: MBTA workers clueless, and either saying that the trains are running fine or to try and get on a jam-packed B line train (the driver of which train is saying no, no one else can fit on) to get to Kenmore where maybe a shuttle will turn up at some point.

But that's OK, cause if you leave the ever more crowded platform to try and get a bus ....that also just doesn't turn up (#39 looking at you).

The MBTA is trash. Literally either on fire or just falling to pieces. Someone should be jailed for this level of financial/institutional mismanagement.

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Pretty soon it will be down seventy percent do to incompetence.

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this year's switching problem.

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Magoo is starting an organization called Down Wif the meany no good poopy pants MBTA or DWMNGPPMBTA for short. Magoo.

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Guys and Gals with safety vests and hard hats are like the iconic cat meme. Kitten sitting inside an obsolete computer taken apart with wires and PC boards. Kitten playing inside. FIXIN'.

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…. has gotten it’s pantographies in a twist.

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