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Police seek help finding gunman who held up Roxbury market

Wanted for Marcella Street armed robbery

Surveillance photos via BPD.

Boston Police have released photos of the man they say held up Marcella's Market, 80 Marcella St at Highland Street in Roxbury last night.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-343-4275 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

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a fake-shearling-lined knockoff version of L.L. Bean duck boots? That's not going to shrink the suspect pool much in Boston.

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Did they find the guy who broke a glass warmer?

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You do realize that sometimes when someone is identified or police arrest someone for one crime, they find out that person has committed other crimes too. That's why they take these reports.

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