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Professional women's soccer to return to Boston

WCVB reports Boston will get a team in the National Women’s Soccer League, set to kick off in 2026 in White Stadium in Franklin Park, which the team plans to spend big bucks on to renovate.



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They couldn't generate much interest even while having some pretty big names in Women's soccer on the team, I took my daughter to one game and it looked like a high school game, actually I've seen high school games with more fans in the stands.
There are plenty of potential fans If they go after teen girls I think. TikTok ads might help, seeing that's where most of them spend way too much time. :)

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The investor group appears to have some deep pockets.

Having a direct line to NESN and New England's largest sports page probably won't hurt.

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Deep pockets still need a return on their investment, they should look to the Portland Thorns for advice and im sure they will , they seem to be the consistent top ticket seller in the

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People who get off at Green Street station and walk to the stadium will be surprised how much hill climbing they have to do.

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And two are free and come from Jackson Square or Ruggles or the other way Ashmont or Mattapan.

No need to bring a bus up Peter Parley Road. No need to take bus service away from another line because of the JP centric mindset that Green Street is the only stop.

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