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Public drag show in Downtown Crossing on Friday

As part of Pride month, the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District and Men of Melanin Magic are hosting a free drag, dance and music show with local queer performers, on Summer Street at Washington Street, between 5 and 8 p.m. on Friday.

Doriann Blonch and Zon Legacy Phoenix will DJ; performers include Yefri, Gia D’Witches, Carmina, Blacc Brandi and dance troupe Haus of Snap. DJ Music by Begbick.

The performances will end at 7:15 p.m. so that the drag performers can mingle with attendees and be available for photos.

Free facepainting will also be available.



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Let's give a big round of applause to the organizers because you couldnt possibly pick a worse location or time of day.

Unless they're bringing their MRAP, this could get out of hand in minutes and the cops couldnt do a thing to stop it.

Good luck everyone.

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How is there Rush Hour on a place that is a pedestrian zone? Too many pedestrians?!?

Seems to be this is the BEST time to have one of these. When there's lots of people out and about and on their way home.

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Tell me you haven't been in DTX since about 1994 without telling me you haven't been in DTX (Not you Chris).

There are more people at a John Birch Society meeting in Wellfleet in August than there are in DTX on a Friday afternoon.

Attention all - If you see groups of khaki clad 20 something suburban tools with facemasks on the T on Friday call MBTA police and give them all the information you can. It is not illegal of course to look like a model for the Gap circa 2000 coupled with surgery garb on your face but, you know.

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He spoke at MIT Commencement. This seems like a suitable application for a glitter bomb with fart spray.

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Someone who never goes somewhere is worried about traffic and security in that location that they clearly never go to!

Wow. You are aware that there are pedestrian only areas and even a performance space with seating in the area? Of course you aren't.

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I'm there all the time.

This is a BAD idea.

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Your rather bizarre comment says otherwise. I'm only one of four here who questions that - just the one you conveniently chose to attack.

Check out this street view of the performance space in a pedestrianized area.

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Why is it a bad idea?

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I'm there all the time.

Good for you and condragulations for getting out of the house. So aren't I.

This is a BAD idea.

How so? Please do fill us in.

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Wait I'm confused... Isn't this a pedestrian zone? Aren't there several police stations within a few minutes walk from there? Isn't this an area designed to hold many many more people than it currently does? Are there not multiple train stations inches from this location?

What's the armoured military vehicle you suggested for?

I am totally perplexed by your comment. You make it sound like they are closing a highway down with riot gear or something.

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Are you concerned that people who do violence at a drag show will attend and use this opportunity to commit violence?

That is the rational which supports the theory that a woman who is raped deserved it because she wore suggestive clothing. In other words the victim deserves the violence because they caused the perpetrator to be out of control of themselves.

Yea, and the devil made them do it!

Well, we know that the devil will be very busy for a while finding a circle of his newest religious tenant.

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To attract people back to Downtown Crossing which has become deserted after dark. They could also do shows on the concourse at Downtown Crossing station.

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I have friends visiting this weekend, perhaps they'd enjoy hanging out at DTX for a bit tomorrow evening before we hit some place for dinner. I'm guessing it will be a raucously good time.

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Will they do a pantomime of drag-Ponce de Leon arriving in North America to search for the Fountain of Youth? We can record it and send it to DeSantis so his head will explode.

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