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Red Line going extra slow, stops, then just won't go

The MBTA reports what it says are 15-minute delays on the Red Line out of Braintree due to a deceased train at North Quincy. Riders, however, report 15 minutes in MBTA time is more like a half hour to an hour in real time.

Adele Dazeem reports getting to Braintree at 8:02 a.m. At 8:44, the train wheezed into Wollaston and then just sat there. Finally, after an hour, the train crept into JFK/UMass, where the PA blared the train is out of service.

Feminine Mystique reports a similar odyssey:

Waited 35 mins for the train, looking at the board every few minutes announcing “the train is stopped.” Got dropped off at the next station. Now waiting for the next leg of the adventure.

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Twice a week I commute to a job near JFK/UMass. In the morning, I take the Red Line from South Station, but in the afternoon I usually catch the commuter rail. The difference is like night and day. The Red Line leaves South Station at little more than a walking pace, taking what seems like forever to get to Broadway, then speeds up just before it pulls into the station. From there to UMass it is faster, but there is at least one other slow bit.

By contrast, the commuter rail runs non-stop from JFK/UMass to South Station, although it sometimes has to stop just short of there to wait for an open track.

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