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Red Line riders can feel the wind through their hair again: Nine slow zones eliminated between JFK/UMass and Downtown Crossing

The MBTA announced this morning it's eliminated nine speed restrictions between JFK/UMass and Downtown Crossing that had limited trains to as slow as 10 m.p.h. at some points, after replacing 2,000 feet of rail and 115 ties in overnight and weekend repair work.

The T says that across the entire Red Line, speed restrictions are now down to a total of ten miles of tracks.

As long as it was working on the tracks, the T also spiffed up the platforms at Broadway, Andrew and South Station, including fixing "platform tripping hazards" at South Station.

The announcement came three weeks after the T re-opened the Ashmont branch after two weeks of work to eliminate slow zones there.


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Let's hope they can't feel the wind in their hair, because if they can, it probably means some assholes kicked out a window again and they'll have to pull the train.


Guess I should've added the word "metaphorically" to the headline.

8 minutes in, 7.5 minutes out.

Today so far it has been 10 in, 14 out.

Worst between Broadway and Andrew.

Sooo it's not back to normal.

Baby steps.


On the train now and all the slow zones are still here. Would love to know what he’s talking about.

The T says that across the entire Red Line, speed restrictions are now down to a total of ten miles of tracks.

The total length of the line is 22.5 miles. Even doubling that for the double track, that means that roughly 25% of the line is under speed restriction.

The dedicated bike/bus lanes are saving UP TO 2 minutes. That’s just massaging the numbers to fit a narrative. If they wanted any credibility they would have used an average, but methinks that’s not very attractive so they went with the UP TO.

I’m with the others here. Daily Ashmont rider. Slow zones were still in place, have waited AT LEAST 15 minutes for a train going both directions at RUSH HOUR. Don’t believe the hype yet, folks. We’re not where we were a few short years ago.

In the interest of being charitable for Thanksgiving, I will own I appreciate the steps taken so far.

Why has it taken so long just to get this far? Maybe I’ll wait for a Christmas miracle.

The ride between South Station/Broadway/Andrew is still way way slow. I haven't noticed any improvements.

At least they finally got one (but only one) of the 2 escalators on the southbound side at Andrew working again. The whole exit was closed up for way too long.