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Red sky at night ...

Red sky over downtown Boston and Boston Harbor

If nothing else, the clouds heralding Lee gave us an amazing sunset tonight, as Tim Babatz couldn't help but notice at Fan Pier on the harbor.

Up the harbor a bit, Adam Balsam got a good view in the North End:

Sunset over the North End and downtown

Down at White Stadium in Franklin Park, Melissa Sullvan watched the sunset - and wondered if she should root for BLS or the O'Bryant, since she has kids at both schools:

Sunset over White Stadium

Nearby in Jamaica Plain, Brenden took it all in:

Sunset over Jamaica Plain

In Chelsea, Cybah watched the sky put the Home Depot in a different light:

Sunset over Chelsea Home Depot


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Do not delight! Take Warning!


Why is the French Toast Alert at 3? The storm last Thursday was much worse and Lee is already on its way to Canada.

Had this large system wobbled a mere 25 or 50 miles to the west, we'd have had a rather different experience of it.

That wasn't outside the realm of possibility when the storm watches and warnings had to be put in place.


that, in retrospect, could have gone ahead -- but there was no way to know that far enough in advance.

Weather forecasts this summer have often been wrong, predicting rain when there wasn't any, or predicting *no* rain only to have an unexpected downpour arrive. This makes life difficult for outdoor event planners who need to decide whether to proceed as scheduled or cancel.

never arrived.

it did. I walked to Market Basket in the storm at 7am. It was pretty windy N rainy.

tbh not much more than a typical day this summer .

There were very strong winds on Tremont Street as I was walking down from Winter Street to go to the movies on Saturday morning. But we don't really need a tropical storm for that to happen: It's a pretty common occurrence along that stretch.