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Restaurant proposed for Beacon Hill with name that might be vaguely discomforting to Bostonians of a certain age

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on plans for a proposed Nite Life Cafe at 89 Charles St. on Beacon Hill - and reminds us that that's the same name as a Hanover Street joint where two men were murdered as they tried to rustle up bail money for Joe "The Animal" Barbosa in 1966.

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Oh I, love the Nite Life. I've got to boogie.

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Seriously, Who remembers that? Howie Carr maybe? I'm a Boomer, I remember Barbosa, and I still don't remember that. And it will mean nothing whatsoever to the Millennials or Gen Z that are the likely customers of the new place. Proceed with plans.

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I'm a Boomer and I don't even remembet!

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Amazing sleuthing. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Vitti is mistaken in both the name and address of the establishment though.

Messrs. Bratsos and DePrisco met their demise at the Nite Lite Cafe on Commercial Street... not the Nite Life Cafe on Hanover - which as far as I can tell, never existed.

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Do people at the Paramount up the street know that The Boston Strangler's youngest victim was killed upstairs just two years before the North End murders?

Four people were gunned down in the 99 in Charlestown. Still open.

Did you ever go to Taste on Summer or the GNC next door? Five people killed in 1978 in the Blackfriar's Pub which was there.

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My co-workers and I often went to Blackfriars around 1975-1978 for rounds of shots and beers. We started just after 5 PM and we were all shitfaced by 6. Somehow I survived that ritual.

I can't remember if it ever re-opened after the massacre, but we had moved on to another bar.

Good times.

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And Magoo has a diarrhea at the South Bay Olive Garden every goddamned day! That is all. Diarrhea.

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Now that's pretty thin gruel.

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