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RN who claims the state threatens to revoke his license if he keeps tweeting that Covid-19 vaccines can kill you sues to make the state leave him alone

A Methuen nurse active in spreading stories via social media that Covid-19 vaccines cause hearts, kidneys and eyes to fail, fertility to collapse and cancers to start is suing the state Board of Registration in Nursing and its chairwoman over what he says is a threat to revoke his license if he doesn't knock it off.

In his suit, filed today in Suffolk Superior Court, James Cintolo says his posts on Twitter and Substack are just asking questions, that raising questions and being skeptical is part of the long history of medical advances and that, in legal terms, it's his right under the First Amendment and the equivalent section of the Massachusetts constitution to raise questions about corrupt government officials and vaccine companies he claims were producing Covid-19 vaccines even before the virus was announced.

Along with his suit, Cintolo filed a request for a temporary restraining order to bar the board from investigating him or revoking his license while his suit is pending. His complaint says he was forced to stop posting on social media on Feb. 8 because of the threat to revoke his license.

Cintolo, who graduated Laboure College in 2019, alleges that board Chairwoman Margaret Cooke is using "threats, intimidation, or coercion" to try to shut him up, based on a single complaint from an anonymous Internet troll. In the request for a temporary restraining order, his lawyer writes:

The power that this Defendant wields by virtue of her office makes her conduct particularly alarming and should rightfully cause the nurses of the Commonwealth to fear arbitrary sanction if they do not restrain the public expression of their opinions to hose views which could be considered safe or mainstream. Permitting individuals holding offices responsible for oversight and employment of a profession to interfere with the exercise of constitutional rights or members of that profession would obliterate any free discourse by dissenting or minority viewpoints and should therefore spur immediate, unequivocal condemnation and injunction by this Court, lest professionals next be cast out because of closely held beliefs on divisive issues such as abortion, religion, or political affiliation.

In fact, the board is not the only one raising questions about Cintolo's posts. He has his own page on Snopes, related to one particular tweet in which he blamed a woman's kidney failure, heart problem and leg amputations on the vaccine, which she denied and said she had been born with a heart condition. He also got her name wrong.

Reuters reported that a claim he posted that Pfizer had produced 100,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine in 2019, before most people knew about the virus was wrong; that the number came from a discussion in which a company official was comparing the total - and low - number of vaccine doses of all types the company had produced in 2019 with the need to produce billions of doses of Covid-19 vaccine just one year later.

Complaint (939k PDF).
Request for temporary restraining order (2M PDF).



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Good for the board, enough with these dangerous idiots.

I am just asking questions.

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(I got better)

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you were not better as a newt?

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Newts cannot get Covid-19; By the way, were you a Eastern Red Spotted Newt or a Red Eft?

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That's a promise, son.

And it isn't just her personally - this is a group action by a board.

He can say everything he wants wherever he wants - he just can't do that AND hold a nursing license in MA if what he is saying is a bunch of dangerous pseudoscientific garbage. The state can revoke his license - that isn't forcing him to shut up.

He needs to pick a lane. Or learn what FAFO stands for.

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Unmasked Untested Unvaxxed

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time has passed since Covid vaccine has been administered to even have data to back up the claims that the RN is making.
That's not to say that he's wrong (although as someone who has had 5 jabs so far, I do call BS on it), but there certainly isn't data to prove he's right.

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That registered nurse in question is spreading dangerous propaganda. We've had enough people who do spread dangerous propaganda, and they've gotten enough gullible or vicious people to believe that propaganda so that it's prevented the United States government from doing the right thing by making the Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for everybody who's able to get the vaccines, and thereby preventing the USA from being back to normal and out of the woods with the Covid-19 pandemic, or at least close to it, by now.

The registered nurse in question who's spreading all this dangerous propaganda should either be given a severe reprimand, both a verbal and written warning that he could lose his job if he didn't cease and desist, or he should be fired from his job as a registered nurse outright.

Anybody who spreads that kind of propaganda during a dangerous pandemic such as the Covid-19 pandemic is completely and totally irresponsible.

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lethal moron. It's amazing you haven't drowned staring up in the shower.

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None of the stories say where, or if he works. If he does work in health care, his employer should do something.

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Which means he's exactly the type of person the term "JAQ-off" was coined for.

(Joe Rogan is a good example too)

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has a few "questions" of its own.

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