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Roslindale bar that went dormant with the pandemic is getting closer to re-opening

JJ Brannelly's, 4432 Washington St. in Roslindale, yesterday posted a photo of its new, brighter interior. The bar isn't saying exactly when a thirsty and hungry public will be let back in, but it assured long-timers that even with the reno work, it will still offer Keno.



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Businesses where you go to decompress and drink and or just buy he taste of The Almighty Drink have a better chance of surviving Covid than they do surviving the wrath of being completely replaced permanently by a developer's square box of unaffordable housing with vacant ground level commercial space that stays vacant.

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fb photo link no good? The jjbrannelly facebook page is the old pre-hiatus one for me.

in any case, looking forward to them opening up again!

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You should be able to see it as the most recent post on this Facebook page

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