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Roslindale Square barbershop, coffeehouse re-open after building crash last month

Roslindale Village Main Street reports Sebastian's Barber Shop on Corinth Street re-opened today, while the Square Root next door reports it re-opens for business at 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Both businesses, along with Threading for Beauty and several offices, were shut on Dec. 18, when a driver came flying off Belgrade Avenue and slammed into the building, taking out a main support beam.



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I'm hoping that the threading spa reopens and that the office space on the second floor is usable soon.

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Yes, the woman who runs Threading for Beauty is so kind, I hope this hasn't overly impacted her business.

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I feel like we never were given any information on the driver. Were any details ever released? Thx!

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Can't wait! I miss my peeps at The Root!

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Widen sidewalks and put bollards on those wider sidewalks. Put drivers like this dangerous criminal in prison and terminate their license. Make more streets pedestrian only. Demand cops actually do their job and enforce traffic laws. These are just some of the ways to prevent this from happening and we are doing almost none of it.

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